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Vertical balers

ATK supply a full range of electro-hydraulic vertical balers. The majority of vertical balers are single phase 240V and therefore can be used in most environments. We offer flexible finance agreements ranging from 2 years to 5 years. Prices start from 13 per week. You can also purchase outright safe in the knowledge that our equipment is supplied with a 12 months parts and labour warranty.

ATK 40 ATK 75
ATK 40 ATK 75
Perfect for small spaces. Produces a 25-40kg bale. Single Phase 240V. The market leader in small sized balers. 75kg bale. Single Phase 240V.
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ATK 150 ATK 250
ATK 150 ATK 250
A medium sized baler with an automatic bale ejector. Single Phase 240V.
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Produces an Euro-pallet size bale for easy handling. Single Phase 240V

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ATK 550 ATK 650
ATK 550 ATK 650
Produces a half tone export mill size bale. Market leader in Mill Size Balers.

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The big box baler. Extra wide width for those bigger boxes. Produces 650 kg bale.
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75 Twin (Multi chamber)
Multi chamber
For those wishing to recycle more than one material. Produces 2 x75kg bale.

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